We're so glad that you are interested in joining us for a service! Here's what the Kid's Check-In process will look like. And feel free to pre-check-in your kids to save time!

  • When you walk in, the Kid’s Check-In Desk will be on your right. Here is where you will check-in your kids.


  • You will be asked to give some info on your and your child for things such as contact info, allergies, restrictions, etc… (Don’t worry! You will only have to do this once!)


  • You will be given 2 stickers that have matching numbers. Your child will wear one and you will hold on to the other.


  • The child is only given to the person (18+yrs) with the matching sticker for security reasons.


  • After this, you will be escorted to the kid’s classroom.


  • If you have an infant, you will be given a pager (if you need one), meet the Nursery Team and communicate any needs for your child.